Saturday, 27 June 2020

Lille Kro (The small tavern)

This is a bar. Or a home. Well actually it's both, so you can choose.

In Sims 4 we can not live on a business lot. So why not make your home your business?

In this bar you can have a lot of (invited) guests, but don't expect to make any money on them. (Which is much more common than you might think, as many bar owners can tell you.) I believe the atmosphere of a bar is totally dependent on the hosts, so I chose to play this as a residential lot, but it's very easy to change it to a fully functional, commercial bar, if you so wish.

Don't forget to mark the door to the stairs as "private" area, unless you want the customers wandering around all over the house.

Info about this lot
Residential lot (but can easily be converted to a Bar)
Lotsize: 20x20
Value: 48.923

Lot traits: Filthy, Grody, Convivial
Fully furnished and decorated

2 playable floors
Ground floor: Fully functional bar, kitchen, public WC, shower/WC/laundry, stairs.
First floor: 2 bedrooms, living room.

Expansion Packs

Discover University Island Living Get Famous Seasons
Cats and Dogs City Living Get Together Get to Work

Game Packs

Realm of Magic StrangerVille Jungle Adventure Parenthood
Vampires Dine Out Spa Day Outdoor Retreat

Stuff Packs

Tiny Living
Moschino My First Pet Laundry Day Toddlers Stuff
Fitness Bowling Night Vintage Glamour Backyard Stuff
Kids Room Romantic Garden Movie Hangout Spooky
Cool Kitchen Stuff Perfect Patio Luxury Party Holiday gifts (free)

CC used included (in separate files):
ATS: Tiny House Cloth pile (Laundry)
Freeasabird: Firewood Conversions, Freeasabird fireplace 5
Linzlus Simblr: Cousin Jeb’s Rocking Chair, Frontier set - Dry sink, Samantha - Antique Basin, Samantha - Commode
Marions Simblr/Silverhammersims: Simple Curtains
MTS Bakie: Animated - Placeable Birds - Small birds (Blue Jay)
MTS Cocomama: Antique sewing machine
MTS Teknikah: Alternate Decor Boxes, Twigs Thermostat, Water Bucket Sprinkler System
Simulacra Medium Aevum/Motherof70: GoT coffeetable, Hen TV, Moose Scull TV
Tyirsims: Integrated Fridges - Tall Order

CC used, but not included (must be downloaded separately)
Historicalsimslife: Music box (stereo)

Thanks to all the wonderful creators, what would The Sims be without you! 💕

Place lot with MOO
 For download instructions see here.


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