Friday 9 February 2024

Beware of malware in the Sims community


In all the years I've played the sims I've never had any problems with virus or similar problems with mods. It's been a safe and fun community, if you just follow some very basic rules. Unfortunately this has now changed, since malware have been added to some mods, and have even passed through the upload process of large sites like ModtheSims, CurseForge and TSR. The malware may also have infiltrated other, smaller sites.

This is what you should do

  1. Get information - Read available, updated information. You can find it at for example at the Sims After Dark info, or on their Discord. Luth's Things, and other trusted, active modders on Tumblr also provide information.

  2. Check if you could have been compromised - you can find information about this at the same places as mentioned above

  3. Get the ModGuard - ModGuard is a Mod Malware Protection file made by TwistedMexi.

  4. Be careful - You should always be cautious concerning what and from where you download. But at the moment I wouldn't download anything Sims-related anywhere (except for the ModGuard mentioned above). In a few days someone hopefully will know more, so just be a little patient. When things are a bit more clear: download only from the original creator. Don't put yourself at risk by installing shared folders, even from your friends. They might not know themselves that malware is amongst their files.

My own cc are just simple recolors and should be safe, but I still wouldn't download anything right now. Also, I have recommend some mods in my posts, for my saves, sims and builds. As far as I know they are in the clear, but since we don't know the full extent of the problem, please wait with downloads until the situation is more clarified.

Play safe and happy simming! 😀

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Hiatus, kind of ...


Happy New Year everybody!

Since it's been really long since I posted anything I just wanted to drop a note.

I haven't given up on the Sims yet, but, as it seems, I am on a hiatus. Or should I say that I am on a recoloring/building hiatus? Because I do occasionally open my game to play a little. It just doesn't manifest itself to something shareable.

This winter I've had some stubborn health issues, so my capacity has been low. It's boring and very annoying, and sometimes painful, but at least it's not something really dangerous. Still, I'm struggling to find energy even for real life things, so there is not much left for simming.

I was able to have some tiny bit of progress in my story at least, but even that might be difficult the coming months, if I'm not feeling any better. I hope to be back with recolors and what-not in a few months, but until then; I'm still around, drooling over all the wonderful cc you make, and enjoying your lookbooks and stories. It's very inspiring! 💖

Love y'all!

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Agnes is angry, and so am I!


It has been a rather slow spring for me sims-wise, some small projects here and there and updates for my story is not much to brag about. I was hoping to do some more recolors, and maybe learn new things (👀 but Blender...), I miss building and generally I had plans, as soon as these busy months were over.

Then something happened in my game after the May patch. Without warning I had the auto-aging bug, and at first I couldn't believe it, because it was supposed to be fixed last year. And since I couldn't see anyone else reporting it, I realized that it might be only in my game. Hence, probably CC related.

All my saves are now corrupted. đŸ˜ĢI don't mind so much for some of them, but for my Early Civilization game save it's catastrophic, and even with all my backups I was not able to restore a working save. Or, more likely, even if I install a backup save, the problem will continue to reoccur, since it's caused by a mod or CC still in my mod folder.

So, I will now have to do the 50/50 method to find what is causing this, and when that is taken care of I still don't know if it will be reversed, so I might have to manually edit my 160 sims in the save with MCCC. It will be a lot of work. 

I still have a lot going on in my personal life (happy things, but they keep me busy), and I don't have much time for simming. Also I must admit this bug/problem is leaving me totally demotivated to open the game, and I've started to question if I can live my life perfectly well without The Sims.

Maybe I will find the time and motivation again, but it will not be this week, and probably not the next or the one after that. I'm feeling just like Agnes, you see, angry with EA and their updates not working, bad patches, bad cc, bugs and the whole flicking thing that steals my energy and sucks all the fun out of it.

No matter what you do, or where you are, I'm wishing you a wonderful summer - with or without The Sims!