Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Boubacar's Apartment

A mix from at least two continents, and at least two personalities.

It was Fatoumata who rented the flat in Jasmine Suites in San Myshuno, but after she and Boubacar got married, they redecorated and made room for his musical instruments. The couple don't want to make too extensive (or expensive) changes, because the flat is actually too small for them, especially when Boubacar's two children are visiting. 

Since we are not able to upload the whole apartment, this is a set of three rooms. You have to install all the files, and then insert them individually in your game's apartment.

Of course you are free to use the rooms in any house or apartment, and in the Instructions-file I've listed which CC and packs are used for each individual room. 

Info about this lot
Apartment rooms 1-3
Fits perfectly in Jasmine Suites 2A, San Myshuno
Value: 24.884

Lot traits: Good schools, Romantic Aura
Fully furnished and decorated

1 playable floor
Apartment rooms:

Kitchen / living room (1)
Bath (2)
Bedroom (3)

Expansion Packs

Eco Lifestyle
Discover University Island Living Get Famous Seasons
Cats and Dogs City Living Get Together Get to Work

Game Packs

Realm of Magic StrangerVille Jungle Adventure Parenthood
Vampires Dine Out Spa Day Outdoor Retreat

Stuff Packs

Nifty Knitting
Tiny Living
Moschino My First Pet Laundry Day Toddlers Stuff
Fitness Bowling Night Vintage Glamour Backyard Stuff
Kids Room Romantic Garden Movie Hangout Spooky
Cool Kitchen Stuff Perfect Patio Luxury Party Holiday gifts (free)

CC used included (in separate files):

Annetts Sims 4 Welt: Street art paintings
ATS: Friperie hat puffy cap, Middleeastern pastries - teaglass and teapot, Newsstand magazine arts music painting v2
B5Studio: Bibliofile set - solid laying
Mio-sims: Nemestnaya Conversions - basket
Marions Simblr/Silverhammersims: Counter Trash Disposal
The African sim: African diner set - Perfect Swirl African Painting, Square table 1x1

CC used, but not included (must be downloaded separately) 
Severinka: Zanzara bedroom - Double bed, End table, Tam tam pouf, Zanzara dekor - Ethnic mask01 Lombok, Statue giraffe, Zanzara vases 02, 03, 11
Simsational Designs/Peacemaker: Shaker kitchen - Medium Pendant Lamp, Shrunken coffeetables - IL Circular table of Circle

Thanks to all the wonderful creators, The Sims would be so boring without you! đź’•

How to do it:

  • Download and install the CC that's NOT included.
  • Download and install the Boubacar's Apartment files (CC and Trayfiles)
  • Open your game and go to the Jasmine Suites 2A apartment in build mode. Bulldoze the lot.
  • Open your library (modifacations ticked on) and insert each room into place. 
  • Save and go to map view. You are now ready to move in your sim.

Additional information: Boubacar and his apartment is a part of a set for the whole extended family.

  • Irene's Apartment
  • Boubacar's Apartment
  • Svartlamoen Risnes - coming soon
  • Hege's Apartment - coming soon
  • The Bah-Risnes family (8 persons) - coming soon


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