Saturday, 31 October 2020

Abandoned Beauty

Leaking roof, mold and general decay. Abondoned for more than 100 years. Will you fix it? Or just live in it as it is?

Once upon a time someone loved this house. They lived their life here, had dinner parties, kissed their child goodnight and had tea in the conservatory. What happened? Did thieves come in the gloom and darkness of the night and shot them all dead? Did they flee from evil stalkers? Was it a family tragedy? I have no idea. But the really important question is: Can the house be loved again?


This was my gift for Simblreen this year - it was great fun! Now it's time for public release 😊
Happy Halloween to all you little monsters!


Info about this lot
Residential house
Lotsize: 30x20
Value: 119.126

Lot traits: Haunted, Filthy
Fully furnished and decorated

4 playable floors

Basement: 3 storerooms, pantry
Ground floor: Entrance, WC, living room, music room, conservatory, dining room, kitchen, scullery
First floor: Master bedroom, Childs bedroom, governess' bedroom, home school, bath/WC
Second floor: Maids' bedroom, butler's bedroom (closed)


Expansion Packs

Eco Lifestyle
Discover University Island Living Get Famous Seasons
Cats and Dogs City Living Get Together Get to Work

Game Packs

Realm of Magic StrangerVille Jungle Adventure Parenthood
Vampires Dine Out Spa Day Outdoor Retreat

Stuff Packs

Nifty Knitting
Tiny Living
Moschino My First Pet Laundry Day Toddlers Stuff
Fitness Bowling Night Vintage Glamour Backyard Stuff
Kids Room Romantic Garden Movie Hangout Spooky
Cool Kitchen Stuff Perfect Patio Luxury Party Holiday gifts (free)

CC used included (in separate files):
KyriaT (me): Windows from Landsem recolor set
All4sims Oldbox: Lisen Tiled stove recoulor (Mesh by Sanoysims included)
Anidup - TheSimsPowderroom: Deco row houses
Annetts Sims 4 Welt: Old wood walls
ATS: Alpine Winter Sledge, Basicsleeping bedduvetx1, bedduvetx1 simplecolors, bedduvetx2, Bottles of Bourgogne empty bottles and candle, Dish towel wall, Gardeningshop trashcan, IKEA-like Double and Single bed matte Lillesand, Mailbox, Newsstand newspaperstack
B5Studio: Bibliofile solid laying books
Dancemachinetrait: Quill and Inkwell, Victorian Tea Set
Ellemant: Vintage Luxe Clutter - Hairbrush, Perfume bottle, Perfume set, Vintage stuff - food clutter soup (milk), food clutter squid (sild), flour box, night jug, tea/coffee pot
Freeasabird: Firewood log pile
Green Girl 100: Ode to Wondy Typewriter (tumblr broken)
Hoppel785: Classic paintings, Old rugs
Linzlus Simblr: Frontier set - Dry sink, Hanging lantern, Large trunk, Rocking Horse (decor)
MTS Cocomama: Antique sewing machine and table, Wall quilt freetime
MTS Esmeralda: Upright Saloon Piano
MTS Xegtx: Striped Flowery Wallpapers
Sanoysims: Lisen Tiled stove
Sibylsim: Five Victorian wallpapers
Simszoo Blackypanther: Mittelaltermarkt sack1
Simszoo Mammut: Alter Nachttopf, Blacky's fishbucket, Hanging bags, Hexengardine
Simulacra Medium Aevum/Motherof70: TVs that hide the fact they are indeed TVs (set) - Map Standardheld: Wooden deco box
Tilly Tiger: In to the Wild moss terrain #4
VMSRose: BioShock Infinite Classroom Conversion - Child desk, Floor Chalkboard, Lectern
ZX-TA: Medieval Larder (fridge), Medieval toys - Princess doll, Teddy bear peasant, Salvadorian kitchen counter

A special thank to TwistedMexi for his fantastic T.O.O.L, which I have used diligently on this lot.

CC used, but not included (must be downloaded separately)
Alexpilgrim: Traditional Cement Tiles - Floor
Mandarinarock: Asylum Wallpaper
TSR Ineliz: Faded Mold Wallpaper
TSR Kardofe: Dystopia - rug, Derelict the whole set (dining chair, dining table, folded chair, folded chair2, folded mattress, pile of books, planking, planking2, stack of planks, trash),
TSR Kiolometro: Norvedem Skiing
TSR Praline: Autumn leaves terrain

Thanks to all the wonderful creators, what would The Sims be without you! 💕

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