Saturday, 17 October 2020

Villa Sogsti

A neat little home for a small family.

Modern houses have good design and functionality, and can easily be reproduced. Maybe you want to put this house on a row and just change the interior? Or, of course, it's fully possible to use it as a very special house for a very special family. 

Based on a real house!

Info about this lot
Residential lot
Lotsize: 30x20
Value: 77.173

Lot traits: Fast internet, Peace & Quiet
Fully furnished and decorated

2 playable floors + roof
Ground floor: Garage, storage, entrance, shower/WC/laundry, mediaroom, 2 bedrooms
First floor: Bedroom, bath/WC, walk-through-wardrobe, open kitchen/livingroom


Expansion Packs

Eco Lifestyle
Discover University Island Living Get Famous Seasons
Cats and Dogs City Living Get Together Get to Work

Game Packs

Realm of Magic StrangerVille Jungle Adventure Parenthood
Vampires Dine Out Spa Day Outdoor Retreat

Stuff Packs

Nifty Knitting
Tiny Living
Moschino My First Pet Laundry Day Toddlers Stuff
Fitness Bowling Night Vintage Glamour Backyard Stuff
Kids Room Romantic Garden Movie Hangout Spooky
Cool Kitchen Stuff Perfect Patio Luxury Party Holiday gifts (free)

CC used included (in separate files):
Anidup/TheSimsPowderroom: Deco row houses
ATS: Basicsleeping bedbase x2 and bedduvet x2, Binoculars, Bottles of Bourgogne, Chocolate box (deco), Lillabo train set (dollhouse), Mailbox, Simple swing
B5Studio: Bibliofile set - scrapbook photoalbum, Comet sketches (Eye beholder art set)
Lina-Cherie: Terrain Paint #12
Marions Simblr/Silverhammersims: Counter Trash Disposal
Mio-sims: Nemestnaya Conversions - basket
MTS Teknikah: Under counter laundry basket
Simszoo Mammut: Stapelbloecke Holz
Tilly Tiger: Restoration Hardware Wall Art (mesh by B5Studio included)

CC used, but not included (must be downloaded separately)
Severinka: Small bouquet of lilies and two glasses Garden Rose, Zanzara bedroom - Bed pillows
Simsational Designs/Peacemaker: Kingston Dining - 6 seat round table and Novo dining chair, Shaker kitchen - cabinets, refrigerator nook, sink, bar, counters, island, Trenton Seating Modern Sofa Set - Chair and Loveseat,
TSR Ung999: Summer Breeze pillows Left

Thanks to all the wonderful creators, The Sims would be so boring without you! 💕

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 For download instructions see here.


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