Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The Vassenden Family

If you live an extremly busy life, and then have twins you should definately have your mother(-in-law) in the house.

After their move from Del Sol Valley to Windenburg, and the massive renovation, the family is settling in. It's a different lifestyle, but enjoyable, and the move actually helped their carreers. I guess there are not as many actors and rock musicians in Windenburg as in Del Sol Valley, but of course, the young couple deserve every chance they get - they are very talented.

Tale Agnes Saint-Thomas

Age & Gender: Young Adult Female
Aspiration: Master Actress
Traits: Creative, Self-Absorbed, Perfectionist
Skills (over 4): Charisma, Acting, Fitness, Singing

Jerry Saint-Thomas

Age & Gender: Young Adult Male
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Genius, Music Lover, Ambitious
Skills (over 4): Guitar, Piano, Singing, Charisma

Olivia Saint-Thomas
Age & Gender: Toddler Female (twin)
Traits: Fussy
Skills (over 4): Communication, Movement

Daisy Saint-Thomas
Age & Gender: Toddler Female (twin)
Traits: Wild
Skills (over 4): Communication, Movement, Imagination

Sigrid Vassenden
Age & Gender: Elder Female
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Traits: Family Oriented, Unflirty, Art Lover
Skills (over 4): Painting, Cooking, Parenting

Expansion Packs

Snowy Escape
Eco Lifestyle
Discover University Island Living Get Famous Seasons
Cats and Dogs City Living Get Together Get to Work

Game Packs

Star Wars™: J. to Batuu
Realm of Magic StrangerVille Jungle Adventure Parenthood
Vampires Dine Out Spa Day Outdoor Retreat

Stuff Packs

Nifty knitting
Tiny Living
Moschino My First Pet Laundry Day Toddlers Stuff
Fitness Bowling Night Vintage Glamour Backyard Stuff
Kids Room Romantic Garden Movie Hangout Spooky
Cool Kitchen Stuff Perfect Patio Luxury Party Holiday gifts (free)

CC used included (in separate files):
Alial Sim: Bunad outfit, Bunad shoes
Annetts Sims 4 Welt: Swimsuits Hulda
ATS: Dance tunic wearable
Hoppel785: Dress for Toddler
Joliebean: Sagittarian Dream
Meatballteeth: Sweet tooth teeth
Standardheld: Scarf Collection set - Scarf no3 Pattern (Mesh by Liliili Sims is included)
Tamo: Eye bags set for all
Xghostx / o0o0oo00o0o0o0ooo0o00o0o0: Amelia hair

CC used, but not included (must be downloaded separately)
Birksches Simsblog: Lady Smooth Knot hair
Kijiko: 3D Lashes Version2 for Skin Detail
Luumia sims: Luumia Body Hair V5
Trillyke: Moonlight pants
TSR Jarusims: Pullover Alice 1
TSR Praline: Allura skin overlay
TSR Seleng: Lipstick N20

Thanks to all the wonderful creators for making The Sims so much more interesting! 💕

For download instructions see here.


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